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10.10.2003 at 18:28


We have been together for nearly 2 years. He lives in Liverpool, (yes - he is a Scouser through and through!) I live in Edinburgh but we manage. We see each other for about a week or so out of every month. It's not ideal, we would love to be together all the time but circumstances just have to dictate to us.

He was born on 14th June 1979, he lives with his mum [Lily] and dad [Terry] in Huyton. His Dad works away, at Twickenham quite alot, mainly when there are games and concerts on. His big brother [Darren] is 28 and lives with his girlfriend [Kay] in Manchester.

Dean is offically a geek ;-) He spends 40 hours a week getting paid to look after computers then goes home and does it in his spare time too. He is a IT Operator and Incident Management persony with *cough* *cough*

We "met" for the first time on 12th July 2001, in Books Chat on AOL, he was DeanMDd21 and I was MagicMoments2219, we saw each other around online for about 2 months, not really noticing each other that much, then we met again on 11th September 2001 at 13:45pm, just as A.A. Flight 11 crashed into South Tower of the W.T.C. This brought us together, we sat 250 miles apart watching in disbelief as the story unfolded. How could something undescribably tragic bring two people together?

When we decided to meet up, it was probably mid October, we aggreed that Dean would come up to Edinbugh on Saturday 1st December 2001, this was the LONGEST 6 weeks of our lives. In a way it was probably good for us, we got to know each other very well, spoke on the phone (ruunning up huge bills!) texted, emailed, IMed... Got to know everything about each other.

When the 1st finally came round, we felt we knew each other well. There was no akward silences, no gaping holes in things we could talk about. It was amazing, we knew that weekend that we had something very special.

Our fist year came and went, becoming more in love every day, on our first anniversary together we went to

The Witchery. He gave me my ring, a white gold eternity band with 15 inset diamonds on it, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It was never intended to be an engagement ring, just a ring from him to me to show how much he loved me.

Other people made it an engagement ring, people couldn't understand why anyone would buy me a ring if the weren't proposing so it sort of became an engagment ring too! We have never been ones to want the limelight, to say "look at us, we're getting married" so we never announced it, word of mouth just kind of spread!

We will be getting married, hopefully it wont be too far away, we just want a small wedding, 20 people would be absolutely brilliant. We'd love to get married at Castle Venlaw! We hope to live in Peebles, which is a quiet town about 20 miles from Edinburgh. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long, once he gets a job here the ball can start rolling.

Sick bucket alert! Dean is the most important person in my life and I love him more than anything, he has given me so much - my freedom, hope, the strength to carry on.

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