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Me - Part One - All About Me

I was born on 11th April 1980. I live in Musselburgh, a coastal town just outside of Edinburgh on the East Coast of Scotland.

I live at home with my mammy, it's just the 2 of us. My dad left us, well we had to leave him in 1984 so I can only ever remember it being me and mum. We had
Dan, my lazy black Labrador, who was also my best friend (!) until March last year, when he went to the doggy home in the sky.

I have met the man of my dreams, he is Dean, he's a born and bred Scouser (yes - he sounds like Jimmy Corkhill!) Hopefully Dean will be able to move up to my neck of the woods soon, once he can get a job which is easier said than done!

Before I met Dean I was making the biggest mistake of my life, going out with a guy, or should I say an "old git" for 18 months, he shall be known only as "nose hair guy"! :-D *shudder* Thankfully, that is nothing more than a distant memory!

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I went to Loretto Primary School and St David's High School (grrr @ Catholic education!) I was just the quiet kid at school, the easy target and the one who was always of ill. I plodded through school and managed to get 7 Standard Grades (in English, Maths, Chemistry, French, German, Home Economics and History) After sitting these in 1996, I was diagnosed with M.E, this was the worst timing as I should have been going on to do 4/5 Highers. I stayed on the school role but didn't manage to go in often enough to actually sit the exams!

I had always expected to leave school and go to university, I had wanted to be a primary school teacher. The combination of not getting my Highers and my poor health stopped me from doing this - I am now SO glad it did, I think I would have been making the biggest mistake of my life! The thought of me standing in front of a class of 30 eight year olds really makes me laugh now!

After looking after my granny when she had cancer and also going to Lourdes, I realised that I was much more suited to helping people. I am now doing a BSc in Health and Social Care with the Open University, I hope to do a Diploma in Counselling alongside it at some point and then work in palliative/terminal illness care as a support worker.

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To be continued…

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