Me - Part Five - Friends
27.08.2003 at 10:23


I don't have a huge group of friends. What worries me is if I got married tomorrow I wouldn't have a bridesmade. It may seem shallow but it really hurts sometimes.

Lucy - Lucy is a great friend, I met her at Radio Lollipop 4 years ago, we get on really well. We don't have that girly friend relationship in a way some girls so, we can talk about problems but not feelings, we just don't have that "connection". I don't mind that though. I love her to bits. Lucy is a student nurse, at Dundee University (100 miles away) She will probably end up living in the Highlands somewhere, she is a real country girl! She has come through so much, she became anorexic at 12, not because she felt fat or ugly just siply becuase she couldn't eat. She has been recovered for a couple of years now, which is fantastic. A real star.

Caroline - I met Caroline when I was at 2 years ago when I was at college trying to do my highers. Caroline is another friend who is just *there*. She has also been very ill, she has Bipolar. She is going away to Reading University in a few weeks to study Psychology.

Gerard - What can I say about him?! Gerard is my childhood best friend, the one I would have called to tell him all my news, I still could but he is busy. It is like when he was with me he was a catterpillar and now he is a fully grown butterfly that everyone loves to see. I've not seen him for about 18 months, not spoken to him either. It doesn't really worry me, he knows I'm here and I know he's there, and we will be even when we're 40. I think he is living with his Boyfriend although I'm not completely sure! He works for British Airways, just not long since started as Cabin Crew after working on the ground for 3 years. I get update from his family, they have always got some news about him! I love Gerard to pieces.

Paul - Sex mad, church going, football reffereeing... need I a say more? I don't really see Paul either.

That's about me. Out of all of them, I've only seen Lucy about once a month, I've not seen the others for a good few months now. It might seem I have lots of friends but I don't really, not real ones.

I've met lots of nice people from AYME, speaking over MSN, who know... hopefully one of them will be my bridesmade :-)

Love and hugs

Anne xx

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