Me - Part Four - Family
27.08.2003 at 10:20


I hope you don't mind me rambling on, I'm actually quite enjoying writing everything down.

I probably have one of the smallest families around, well it feels like it anyway. At my 21st there were only 4 people there who were related to me, which is quite hard sometimes but I suppose it makes Christmas cheaper!

There is my mum (Freda) and I at home, then there is my Auntie (my mum's sister) She's called Jean, and her husband, my uncle through marriage called Andy. I love him to bits, I try to love her too but it's very hard!!

I have 2 cousins, one on my mum's side (Jean and Andy's daughter) called Ailhlin, she is 32. I love her dearly but she drives me round the bend. If you have a sore head, she has a migrane! She live in Italy for 5 years but has not long since come home for health reasons and to go to University.

My other cousin, called Claire (she's 27 and a professional dancer who works as a sales supervisor for Persimmon's homes!!) is from my dad's side. This is where it gets complicated!

My dad, Ian, had to move out when I was four, I haven't properly since then. He is very ill. He is an alcholic, an abusive alcholic, he even would hit is own mother. We couldn't stay with him. He has an early onset of drink induced dimensia (sp?) He lives in a hostel type place and is looked after there.

Even thought I didn't see my dad, I always saw my Dad's mum, Kate, my Granny. She was one of the most important people in my life, I loved her more than life, she was very special to me. She was my grown up Granny :-) I was her main carer for 14 months while she had cancer, she died 3 years ago today (27/08/00)

My dad had a brother, Peter (Claire's dad) he was an alcholic too, he died in 1995, he basically drunk himself to death. He wasn't violent though, infact you probably even couldn't tell he was drunk. My dad's dad, also called Peter, was a battleaxe, I know I should call him Grandad but I don't really see him as one, he died when I was 10, he never once held my hand, sat me on his knee or took me to the park.

My grandparents on my mum's side, Nana and Grandad (Isa and Bert) were wonderful people, ther were my childhood grandparents, I'd stay with them when I was ill, when my mum was out or just if I wanted to stay. I loved them and they loved me. The looked after my mum and I when things were bad with my dad, we'd stay with them, hiding incase he came to the door. My Grandad had his first stroke in 1988, when I was 8, he learnt to walk again, to talk again then had another 3, he finally died in January 1992, my Nana died 2 months later of a broken heart.

So there you go, my family... oh such an easy story to remember!! Summary - there is me, my Mum, my Auntie, my Uncle, Ailhlin and Claire. That's us.

Love and hugs

Anne xx

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